Landscape Design Trends for 2019

Landscaping puts the finishing touches on your outdoor living space and can be worth thousands of dollars when it’s time to sell. If you’re looking for the best landscaping services in Alpharetta, consider these exciting, bold trends. Every year, the National Association of Landscaping Professionals releases an annual list of the freshest trends in landscape design. Here’s a peak at a few of them.

Functional Design

Landscaping today does more than sit still and look pretty. Modern landscape design in Alpharetta is functional as well as fashionable. For instance, a vertical herb garden can double as a privacy fence. A retaining wall does double duty as seating around a firepit. Think about how you want to use the space and then consider which design elements can serve more than one purpose if you want your landscaping to be on point.

Outdoor Living Space

This one tops the list year after year. Consumers today want to take their indoor activities to the backyard. That might mean creating an outdoor kitchen complete with a stove, refrigerator, and sink, or that might mean creating a backyard with a television set and comfortable seating. Moving activities outdoors is a great way to spend time with family and friends without having to worry about cleaning the carpets!

Pops of Coral

Green is good, but bright pops of color are springing up in modern landscapes all over the country. Pantone’s Living Coral is the color of the year. Pantone is a leading design influencer. In 2018, the organization named violet its color of the year, and exterior designers took note, adding iris, verbena, and other purple flowers into landscapes. Expect blossoms in pinks and corals to pop into flowerpots and beds this season as designers take a note from Pantone. In addition to blush-colored flowers, look for coral pops in fabrics created for outdoor seating or umbrellas.

Weather Protectant

Your backyard isn’t the postman; without the proper preparation, your outdoor space can’t be used in rain or snow or sleet. That’s why many landscape designers are crafting spaces that can be used in inclement weather. Pergolas with shades that can be drawn when the sun creates a strong glare or patio heaters for after the sun drops below the horizon allow you to use an outdoor space even if the weather doesn’t comply.

Fire Features

Firepits or features—some outdoor living spaces boast fireplaces—are a popular mainstay on lists of popular landscaping trends. Their warmth and light draws people together. Even better, a fire feature can be added at limited cost or crafted as an extravagant centerpiece, making it an option for the budget conscious as well as the homeowners for which cost is of no concern.


It seems unusual to worry about the lighting outdoors, but lights can be the difference between an inviting outdoor space and well, just a backyard. Lighting elements can be added to create pathways, to highlight plants and outdoor decor, or to create the warmth and light necessary for outdoor entertaining. Lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought in landscape design, which is one reason it finds itself on the list of top trends for 2019.

Though freshness and modernity are important landscape design elements, creating a usable outdoor space offers timeless appeal. Service First Landscapes in Alpharetta can help you balance today’s trends in a space that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.