Landscape Maintenance Checklist You Should Follow

With winter rapidly coming to a close, it’s time to start thinking about how you’d like to spend your time outdoors this spring. To get the most out of the warm weather, you have to make sure your yard is properly maintained and looking great. There’s nothing fun about hanging out in a backyard that’s covered in weeds, overgrown trees, and dead leaves. Now is the time to decide what you want your outdoor space to look like and how you’ll keep it that way throughout the year. Thankfully, there are some helpful tips and best practices that you can do now to make the yard look amazing in the upcoming weeks. Here’s a landscape maintenance checklist to help you get started! 

Install New Sod 

Everyone knows the foundation of a beautiful lawn is rich green sod. If the harsh fall and winter completely destroyed your lawn, then start fresh by laying new sod and fertilizer down in the areas that need it the most. If you’re working with an experienced landscape design service, they’ll know how to guide you through the process of choosing the right type of sod for your yard. If your lawn is shady without much sunlight throughout the day, they’ll have the right recommendations for your outdoor space. 

Add Walls to Flower Beds

Throughout the winter months, any flower beds, shrubs, or decorative plant areas might seem washed out and messy. Heavy snow and rain can do some real damage to these accent areas around the yard. A great way to add structure, organization, and beauty to your yard is to install walls around your flower beds this spring. There’s a variety of different materials you can use to create your wall. The design of the wall will depend on the size of the flower bed, the style of your home, and the placement of the flowers. You can choose from wood, stone, brick or other materials to create a clean and gorgeous area for your flower beds.  

Fix Irrigation Systems

With the extreme cold temperatures this year, many irrigation systems will need repairs by the time spring rolls around. If you believe your irrigation system needs a good fix, then now is the time to handle it. If you’re planning on planting new sod, trees, plants, or flowers, then they’ll need a good watering when the hot weather arrives. Making sure your irrigation system is functioning properly is a task that should be on everyone’s landscape maintenance checklist. 

Install Lighting

While you may be a little surprised to see lighting on a landscape maintenance checklist, it’s much more important than you think. Having the proper outdoor lighting is the best way to enjoy your outdoor patio or yard after the sun goes down. Low-voltage lighting placed in the right locations can make your yard look stunning and provide safety as well. Home landscaping services in Milton are never complete without proper outdoor lighting. For more information on how to complete this checklist and get your yard prepared for spring, contact Service First Landscapes! Give them a call today!