Patio Design Trends to Try This Year

When you are designing a patio, you have a lot more freedom than when designing almost any of the rooms in your house. You have no roofs and far more ground to work with. Before you start laying out the floor plans of your patio and contact outdoor landscaping services in Roswell, you need to consider what design would fit the best for you and your family. You may need to research which design choices have been trending in the last few years to see what your best options are. Here are some aspects you need to keep in mind.

The Floor

Your choice in the patio's floor material has a very large effect on how you want to lay out the patio and what you choose to put on it. Two of the most popular materials in recent years have been brick and flagstone.

Brick can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and offers some of the more intriguing color palettes of all the stones. The most frequent choice is a dark red. It can complement the green grass or plants you want in your backyard.

Flagstones are generic, flat stones that you often see in several different types of floors. They can offer an older, archaic feel, but modern iterations have had complex layouts that make the back of your house feel like you’re at a professional expensive resort. Once you’ve figured out where to get your flagstone patio installation in Roswell, you have several different ways you can lay out the back of your house. Popular choices range from a potential firepit near the middle to a set of stairs to a lower level with more chairs.

The Furniture

The number of chairs you need and what type you want hinge on who you plan on inviting over. Many homeowners prefer to have their patio chairs light and easy to move to prepare for guests or an incoming storm. They also have removable cushions, so the most comfortable part of the chair doesn't get soaked after it rains. Aluminum has been getting popular lately as the base material since it doesn't rust as easily as other metals and wood. Don't be afraid to add one or two long chairs for you or a guest to relax on and watch the sunset.

Tables are another thing to consider. You need to decide whether you want one permanently installed by local garden and landscaping services in Roswell, or one you can move better when there are too many guests. If you get a permanent table surface, you may have more of an opportunity to match the flooring you've decided upon for your patio. If you don’t plan on eating many meals outside, you may skip including a table in your patio design.

The Screens

While patios are meant to provide satisfying outdoor experiences for homeowners and guests, some people may not want to go completely outside. Many Georgia residents have been getting screened patios lately because they still want to get fresh air, but don't want to deal with excessive sun glare and bugs. One downside is that many residents sacrifice a lot of their yard space in the process and may not have a lot of room for additional patio flooring outside of the screened room. You can still have a large outdoor patio along with a screened one, but this depends on how much room you have in your yard. Screened patios are very popular for many homeowners and can still fit with many modern home layouts.

If you want further tips from experienced professionals on designing the perfect patio for your backyard, consider contacting Service First Landscapes to help you get started.