Things to Consider When Hiring a Hardscape Designer

Hardscape refers to man-made features in an outdoor space such as walkways, stairs, walls, patios, benches, water features, lighting, pergolas and so much more. These non-living design elements play a critical role in the look and function of your yard. Hardscape design components provide a number of very real benefits, including the following:

  • They help you navigate your space. Walkways, paths, and stairs lead you and guests smoothly through the yard, protecting surrounding vegetation.
  • They create a sense of order and definition. Things like walls, paths, and fences are practical and attractive.
  • They provide areas for activities and entertaining. Patios, pools, gazebos, and more create defined areas in your space that are meant to be enjoyed by family and friends.
  • They make unusable areas like hillsides usable. Retaining walls effectively convert slopes to flat areas that can be used for gardens, patios, and much more.
  • They add beauty and elegance. Hardscape design elements can be very attractive and they can give your space a sense of balance and a touch of luxury.
  • They add very real resale value to your home. From a purely practical standpoint, hardscaping prevents erosion, makes the yard more functional, and contributes to safety and privacy, all of which add value to your property. Over and above all that, effective hardscaping adds significant curb appeal.

Professional hardscape design transforms outdoor spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. What do you need to know before hiring a hardscape contractor in Roswell to transform your outdoor space? Here are 5 important things to consider:

  1. Consider their experience. Ask to see photos of completed projects and designs. Look at the photos together and talk about the things you like. Look at their website for photos and testimonials and ask if you can visit completed projects in person. Get a feel for the type of work they do and ask them to talk to you about your project and the ideas they have. Skilled contractors and designers should bring their own ideas to the project that, when combined with your vision, can create a remarkable end product.
  2. Be clear about what you want. You may not be a hardscape designer yourself or be able to envision all the details of your project, but you should be able to clearly state what you want. Do you want a patio over there that's big enough to entertain? Do you need a hillside transformed into a garden space for your prize-winning tomatoes? Do you want a to be able to hear the faint trickling of water from a fountain while reading by a window? You need to clearly express what you want and then work with the designer to help make that a reality. 
  1. Check the materials. Not every contractor is equally skilled at working with every material. If you want a concrete patio, check the contractor's concrete work. If you want a natural stone retaining wall and walkway, check the contractor's natural stone work. Hardscaping involves a wide variety of potential materials, so make sure the contractor you hire can work with the materials you want for your project.
  2. Discuss the details like timelines, estimates, and budgets. A reputable contractor and designer will be able to discuss these details with you and answer all your questions.
  3. Get a second or third opinion. Meet with other hardscape professionals to discuss your plan and get their ideas so you can compare estimates, timelines, and other details about your project. There's a lot of value in these comparisons; you may find problems with one contractor's estimate or you may discover a completely different way of looking at your project.

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