Top Reasons Why Landscape Lighting Is a Good Investment

You probably like coming home to a beautiful house with a great landscape. For some people, the garden is the only place where they feel at peace, especially after a long day at work. Unfortunately, when night falls, the landscape can become too dark to enjoy. With the right landscape lighting, you’ll get several benefits that enhance your life and property.

Light It Up

A great landscape doesn’t do you any good if you can’t see it. By installing landscape lighting, you’ll be able to enjoy your yard at any time day or night. When the days get shorter or your work days get longer, you can still find peace in the yard when it’s lit correctly. Lighting not only makes it nicer, but it also makes it safer. Shine a light on it and enjoy your yard more often.

Put a Spotlight on It

If you have landscape features that you’re particularly proud of or that strike a particular feeling in you, using a spotlight will show it off. The right lights can also help you mark where you want people, like on a pathway or near the sidewalk, and where you don’t want them, like your flower beds with prize-winning pansies. Lighting up trees and water features provides the area with a beautiful dramatic effect.

Improve Curb Appeal

Improving the curb appeal of your house is good for company and good for your home’s resale value. By using lights to draw attention to the unique features of the home, you’re creating a conversation starter and highlighting the value of the house. Some lighting features to consider are lights that are only as bright as the full moon. If you’re looking to sell, realize that 89 percent of people looking to buy a home said outdoor lighting was desirable and/or essential according to the National Association of Home Builders.

Safety Above All

A well-lit home can make the difference between staying safe and having an accident. When people come to your place, they don’t expect to get hurt. Lighting the path they’re supposed to take to the door and highlighting any problem areas that a visitor might trip over will prevent accidents. It will also limit the possibility of getting sued. When people get injured on your property, you're responsible for their safety.

Of course, friends, neighbors, and salespeople aren’t the only ones you have to worry about. Burglars may hide in the dark areas of your yard and wait for the right time to strike. Having the right outdoor lighting means getting rid of those dark areas so that you and everyone else can see if someone is attempting to avoid detection. By using landscape lighting, you’ll be making it more difficult for a burglar to choose your home as his or her target. They’re more likely to move on to another house where darkness will provide better cover for their illicit activities. You can install your own lighting, but hiring someone to do it will get you better design and setup while resulting in lower overall energy bills. For the best in outdoor lawn lighting in Alpharetta, contact Service First Landscapes to get an estimate for your job and find out how they can help.